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Peaceable Yoga Observe for Intermediate College students and Lecturers


If you’re a extra superior practitioner, or maybe even a fellow yoga trainer, generally you continue to need to take a category. To be instructed on what to do subsequent. To combine up your sequences. However you simply don’t need all of the speaking.

When you don’t want the alignment cues, however simply desire a new contemporary sequence – give this one a strive.

Maintain every pose for just a few breaths.

  1. Seated Sequence – Start sitting cross legged. Neck launch, proper ear to proper shoulder. Change sides. 5 rounds of seated cat/cow. Twist to proper. Twist to left. Facet bend to proper. To left.

2. Inclined Sequence – Little one’s pose. Sphinx. Add a quad stretch on proper leg. Change sides. Thread the needle to proper. Change sides.

3. Kneeling Sequence – Down canine. Three legged canine, proper leg rises. Step by. Low lunge with cactus arms. Half splits. Lizard pose. Vinyasa. Repeat on different facet.

4. Standing Stability Sequence – Ragdoll. Mountain pose. Proper legged tree pose. Chair pose. Tree pose left leg. Chair pose.

5. Huge Legged Sequence – Huge legged ahead fold. Half raise. Twist to proper. Twist to left. Launch and rise. Goddess pose, with clasped fingers reaching over head.

6. Pigeon Sequence – Step to high. Vinyasa. Pigeon pose proper facet. Down canine or vinyasa. Pigeon pose left facet. Down canine or vinyasa.

7. Supine Sequence – Decrease to again. Shoulder stand. Plow pose if acceptable. Joyful child. Reclined twist to proper. Twist to left. Savasana.

This sequence comes from a 30 minute minimal cues follow on my channel and app.





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