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Zodiac Libra Yoga for Steadiness and Concord


Libras are referred to as the mediators and the peacemakers. They hold the scales in verify, evenly weighted. Thus can see either side of any state of affairs. Not solely that, however they will zoom out and understand there are greater than two sides to the story.

For a Libra targeted yoga sequence, we’re in fact going to get into some steadiness difficult poses.

1. Hamstring Stretch – Decrease down onto your again with legs prolonged out. Seize maintain of the again of your proper thigh or hook a strap over the ball of the foot. Hold a mild bend within the knee. Calm down arms. Flex by means of the foot. After a couple of breaths, open the suitable leg out to the aspect. If utilizing strap swap either side to the suitable hand. Pushing by means of left hip and left shoulder. Hold reaching out by means of the left leg.

2. Reclined Shoelace – Left the suitable leg again up. Then cross the suitable thigh over high of the left. Bend into the knees. Seize maintain of the ft. Pulling the thighs into the stomach. Hold the pinnacle and shoulders relaxed to the mat.

Repeat 1 and a pair of by means of on the opposite aspect.

3. Tiger Variation – Come as much as desk high. Step the suitable foot again. Roll to the interior fringe of the suitable foot. Place the suitable hand on the hip. Carry the suitable foot off the mat. In the event you like add the bind. Bending the suitable knee and attain again to seize maintain with the suitable hand. Kicking the foot into the palm. Opening by means of the center. For an additional problem, hold bind and picture making an attempt to face right down to the mat. Rotating the hip down, as if in a two legged desk high.

4. Low Lunge – Launch the bind and step the suitable foot to the highest of the mat. Proper knee over the ankle. Push into the bottom to raise up. Sinking the hips down. Reaching arms overhead. Holding for a couple of breaths. Carry arms down and step again to downward canine.

Repeat 3 and 4 by means of on different aspect.

5. Standing Steadiness Twist – Step the suitable foot to the highest of the mat. Hold the again knee lifted. Staying up on fingertips, interact energy to step ahead to attach the knees at high of the mat. Hovering the left foot. With management carry one hand after which the opposite to coronary heart. Then rise as much as standing. Carry left knee up in direction of stomach. Carry the suitable hand to the left knee after which open left arm to the aspect.

6. Standing Pigeon – Come again to heart. Cross the left foot excessive of the suitable knee. Sinking the hips down and again. Attain the chest ahead. Shoulders down and away from the ears. Don’t fear in the event you wobble or fall out.

Repeat 5 and 6 on the opposite aspect.

7. Straddle Ahead Fold – Sit down. Opening the legs out extensive. Folding direct to the middle. Bend the knees in the event you like. Spherical into the backbone, letting gravity do the give you the results you want. Maintain for a couple of breaths.

These 7 poses come from a 30 minute Libra yoga observe I shared throughout my platforms.





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